Report Your Power Outage Via Text

Northern Lights is pleased to announce a new simple and fast way for you to communicate with us when your power is out. NLI can now accept text messages to our outage reporting system. This allows you to report your problem and get status updates.

To use this service, make sure your cellphone number on file with us is current. Call our office at 800-326-9594 to speak to a member service specialist and ask that your account be updated with your current cellphone number.

Once your cellphone number is up to date, you can opt in.

To join, simply text “NLI” to 866-665-4837. A response will be generated confirming your service location. Confirm your location by texting back the appropriate response.

Now you’re ready! To report a power outage, text “OUT” to 866-665-4837 and follow the prompts.

For outage updates, text “STATUS.” Updates are available after line crews are on location and evaluate the situation.

When service is restored for all members impacted by the outage, you will receive a text that power has been restored.