Request Tree Clearing

Northern Lights tries to offer assistance to members who have a tree concern that involves the power lines. The typical situation involves NLI either side trimming the tree or falling the tree; when the tree jeopardizes other structures NLI may remove the wires until the owner or owner’s agent can fall the tree, then NLI will put the wires back up.

It is very helpful if the trees needing attention are flagged or painted. Generally, the property owner will be responsible for any clean up.

Use the web form below to submit a tree clearing request. The questionnaire is an important tool to help our crews determine what type of assistance is needed. Our lineman that oversees right-of-way clearing will call you after he receives the form.

Alternately download the PDF form below to print our tree clearing request form. You can fax the form, email the form, or mail it to the following address:

Attention: Tree Clearing Department
Northern Lights, Inc.
PO Box 269
Sagle, ID 83860

Tree Clearing Questionnaire (PDF)