Safe Logging

When you log safe yours may not be the only life you save!

Contact Northern Lights before logging and clearing land around power lines.

Every year people suffer serious injury due to unsafe logging around power lines. The loss of life can be avoided by being safe and paying close attention.

A tree that hits a power line is hazardous to loggers and equipment. Please use the following list of safety tips to keep everyone safe.

Power Line Safeguard

Always look for power lines prior to harvest. Whenever power lines are near your harvest, contact Northern Lights.

Treat all lines as if they are hot!

Do not climb or cut any tree that is touching power lines. Contact Northern Lights.

Fall all trees away from any power lines. If the tree falls onto a power line, back away and call Northern Lights.

Keep your equipment clear of all power lines. If you hit a power line with your equipment, stay put and call for help. Warn others to stay clear.

If fire breaks out due to power line contact, attempt to contain fire, call 911, and then call Northern Lights. Stay clear of the power line.

Tree danger prevention

Trees on or close to buffer strips can hit power lines. The trees may fall on the power lines due to wind. Wildfires and outages often occur.

Check remaining close trees for root or trunk damage that can cause trees to weaken or die.

Contact Northern Lights to discuss future problem trees.

Site preparation & reforestation

Do not burn slash piles on power line right-of-way.

Plant seedlings out of power line right-of-way.

Keep right-of-way for power lines clear of obstruction.

Talk to Northern Lights for details on right-of-way widths and maintenance.