Call Before You Dig

811 logo with a shovel digging into the ground. Text: Know what's below. Call before you dig.



Digging may seem like no big deal, but regardless of where you live or conduct your business, the gas, electric, cable, water, and sewer lines that serve you, may very likely be underground. It doesn’t matter how deep you plan to dig, we urge you to call 811 first because hidden dangers could be just beneath the surface.

If you’re planning a project that requires digging, state law requires you to notify the 811 call center at least two full business before you plan to dig.  So if you are planning on starting a project Saturday morning, you must submit your request on Wednesday, the utilities are provided with Thursday and Friday to respond and mark their facilities.  Whether you are planning to do it yourself or hire a professional, smart digging means calling 811 before each job. “It’s Free, It’s Easy, It’s the Law”

When you call in be prepared to provide:
  • Name, phone number, alternate contact
  • Excavator/contact person and phone number
  • Address, city, county and nearest intersection of the dig site
  • Reason for the digging
  • Where on the property you need locate marking done
  • How you have the dig area identified (white paint or flagging is preferred)
  • Specific directions to your property — landmarks, etc.
Please remember:
  • The request must be made in the name of the organization or person doing the digging.
  • Mark the area where you plan to dig in with white paint or flagging.
  • Call 811 at least 2 full business days before you plan to dig.
  • Do not dig until all known facilities are marked. Please verify that all companies identified on your locate request have responded. Please remember that more than one electric or communication company may exist within your digging area. Locators will respond using color coded paint or flagging. Marks should indicate the responding company, and know that NLI marks will be identified with a painted “NLI” or flagging with our logo.
  • Hand dig within close vicinity of located facilities so as to not damage them.
  • Maintaining the marked location of utilities during your project digging is your responsibility.
  • Underground locate marks are good for twenty one (21) days in Idaho and thirty (30) days in Montana after the first locate request. Once this time has passed, you will need to submit a new locate request.
Ready to dig? Let us help you do it safely!
At the excavation site:
  • Please note, that privately owned lines will not be marked
  • Respect the marks. The marks provided by the affected utility operators are your guide for the duration of your project.Utility members will mark the location and path of their underground facilities using the following colors:If you are unable to maintain the marks during your project, or the project will continue past your request’s expiration date (a locate ticket is good for 21 days after the 1st day the ticket was called in), please call 811 to ask for a re-mark.

Call 811 or one of the following numbers:

In the State of Montana dial (800) 424-5555 or use the Montana One Call website

In Bonners or Bounday Counties, Idaho dial (800) 626-4950 or use Bonner Boundary One Call website

In Kootenai County, Idaho dial (800) 428-4950 or use Kootenai County One Call website

In Pend Oreille County, Washington dial (800) 424-5555 or use the Washington One Call website

  • All digging within the first 24 inches from the marked line must be done by hand
  • Any contact with an electric line can cause serious injury or death
  • Damages to electric lines can disrupt service to an entire area and can result in fines and repair costs

If your excavation contacts the electric line, stay clear and call the numbers below immediately

Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm
(208) 255-5399

Evenings, weekends, and holidays
(866) 665-4837