Rate Increase in October

I hope you are all enjoying the fall season.  I am loving the beautiful colors, cooler weather and Halloween quickly approaching! It’s fun to see the kids dressed up when they come to my door to trick-or-treat.

As I reported during the summer, the Bonneville Power Administration continues to increase the cost of wholesale power.  The increases are driven primarily by the necessary maintenance on the hydroelectric system and the required improvements at the Columbia Generating Station nuclear plant. BPA’s rates to NLI have increased by 24 percent during the past six years.  The significant rise in BPA’s wholesale power costs will require NLI to raise rates by 3 percent overall, which includes a $2 increase in the basic charge from $28 to $30. The new rate will be reflected on your bill mailed at the end of October 2017.

Northern Lights is a not-for-profit electric cooperative.  This means we don’t raise rates to generate profits.  We raise rates simply to cover the cost of doing business and only when necessary.  Providing you with safe and reliable electricity is our top priority.  Our dedicated employees work around the clock to keep the lights on while properly maintaining and improving our system. Rate increases are tough for everyone, but this allows NLI to continue to keep electric service safe and reliable.

Finally, October is National Cooperative Month.  NLI is proud to be one of more than 900 electric cooperatives in the United States. The co-op spirit is alive and well, and embraced by co-ops across our nation that work together to achieve community and economic advancement.

Annie Terracciano
General Manager