NLI Linemen Place Third at Montana Lineman’s Rodeo

By Elissa Glassman

From left, NLI Linemen Bruce Campbell, Brian Lanaville and Carl Moore. Photo by Mandy Peterson

NLI journeymen linemen, Carl Moore, Brian Lanaville and Bruce Campbell, placed third in the cooperative division at this year’s Lineman’s Rodeo at the Vigilante Rodeo Grounds in Butte, Montana.

The rodeo is a regional event, with contestants and visitors attending from throughout the United States. Competitive events included hurtman rescue, speed climb and untie/tie-in copper line with hot sticks.

The purpose of the lineman’s rodeo is to demonstrate the skills lineworkers use every day to ensure a safe, reliable electrical supply to northwest consumers. Public safety and public education are the missions of the Montana Lineman’s Rodeo Association—volunteer organization that administers, promotes and organizes the annual rodeo.

Congratulations to our award-winning linemen.