Manager’s Message – September 2023

Annie Terracciano headshotLabor Day is Monday, September 4. While we typically relax with family and friends at parties and backyard barbecues, the holiday’s history was not so relaxing.

The recognition of our nation’s workforce was created by the labor movement in the 19th century. Labor Day became a federal holiday when it was signed into law by President Grover Cleveland on June 28, 1894. The purpose of the holiday was to pay tribute to the achievements of all American workers and their contributions to the success of our great nation.

2023 has been incredibly busy for Northern Lights employees. I would like to thank the Northern Lights workforce for their hard work and contributions to the success of your rural electric cooperative. Northern Lights employees—and many of you—will take this day off work to celebrate this important holiday.

For any business owners out there, giving your workers a day off is a nice way to say thank you and acknowledge the hard work they put in every day. Of course, the entire American workforce can’t take the day off. So whether you and your crews are still working, or if your power goes out and our lineworkers must restore it — or if you need to run to the grocery store for another bag of buns — let’s make sure to say thank you and honor workers’ dedication. This Labor Day, let’s go the extra mile to make sure American workers know how vital they are to the community and to the country.

Remember, Labor Day isn’t just another day off — it’s a deeply rooted historical holiday honoring American workers and everything they have done to make our lives better.

Thank you to all the American workers. Happy Labor Day!

Annie Terracciano
General Manager