Manager’s Message – March 2022

Spring is On the Way; Call Before You Dig

Annie Terracciano headshotSpring is almost here! I so enjoy the transition from winter to spring. I am excited to see the flowers start to bloom, green grass, birds chirping, and longer days ahead.

With the weather starting to warm up and the trees and shrubs beginning to bloom, many of us are eager to start working on outdoor projects. Sometimes we can let our enthusiasm overshadow basic safety and common sense.

First, plan your work and then work your plan. Check your surroundings, both high and low. Be aware of overhead power lines when trimming trees and shrubs. If you are digging holes for new fence posts or planting trees or shrubs, ask yourself where possible underground wires might be. It is important not to nick or cut them with a shovel or pick.

If you are unsure about the location of underground wires, please take a minute and call 811 before you dig. The process is quick and easy. More importantly, it is free. When you call 811, you are connected to the One Call Center closest to your area.

The call center takes your information and notifies Northern Lights Inc. of your request. The co-op dispatches a qualified professional to identify and mark the location of the underground power lines before you dig. To ensure your job stays on schedule, please call a few days before you are ready to dig.

Knowing what is below ground will protect you, your family, and your neighbors. For indoor projects that involve wiring and electrical fixtures, make sure you always turn off the power at the breaker panel to avoid getting shocked.

It is just as important to be aware of any overhead power lines in your area. Look up before moving irrigation pipes, using a ladder, installing a new antenna or flagpole, or moving large trucks, trailers, or heavy equipment.

Please take proper precautions as you begin your springtime chores.

Cheers to spring!

Annie Terracciano
General Manager