Manager’s Message — January 2020

No Rate Increase

Happy New Year!

Annie TerraccianoI hope everyone enjoyed the company of family and friends over the holidays, and your resolutions are in place for the start of a great new year. Whether your resolution is to lose weight, save money, spend more time with your family, or learn something new and exciting, let’s get to work achieving our goals in the year ahead.

I am happy to report that there will NOT be a residential rate increase this year even though NLI will see a rate increase from the Bonneville Power Administration.

Every two years, BPA conducts a formal process known as a rate case to ensure its projected revenue from
the electricity it sells will cover the expenses it incurs. The amount BPA charges must cover payments on federal dams, building and maintaining transmission lines, fish and wildlife mitigation, energy-efficiency programs and other obligations required by federal and state laws.

On October 1, 2019, BPA’s overall rates went up by 4% for NLI. This increase includes a wholesale rate increase, a transmission rate increase and a financial reserves policy surcharge.

BPA supplies 90% of NLI’s power. An increase in BPA rates makes a huge impact on the expenses of your co-op. The NLI board and employees have worked diligently to create a 2020 budget that will not require an increase in rates and allows us to absorb BPA’s rate increase. NLI stands firm on its commitment to provide safe, reliable service at an affordable price.

I wish you all the best in the new year!

Annie Terracciano
General Manager