Manager’s Message — December 2019

Capital Credit Checks Coming Soon

Annie TerraccianoHappy holidays from all of us at Northern Lights!

I am excited to announce that this year the board of directors authorized a total of $1,158,314 of capital credits from the remainder of 1990 and all of 1991 to be returned to our members. This means that if you were a Northern Lights member in those years, you will be receiving a check in the mail. Your check amount is determined by the amount of energy you used during

those years.

We work hard to serve our members by providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity. Since our members are owners, when revenues exceed the cost of providing this service, these margins are returned to the members in the form of capital credits. Capital credits are not immediately paid out the year they were earned. These funds are used by NLI for electric lines, trucks and equipment needed to serve our members. This offsets our need to borrow money, which would cause higher rates.

Capital credits from years past that go unclaimed are held by the cooperative. A list of all members with unclaimed capital credit distributions is available on our website at If you find your name on the list, please call us at 208-263-5141.

As another option, you can always donate your capital credit check to the Northern Lights Community Trust, which distributes the funds to local charities in our service area. Please see the insert enclosed with your check for instructions on how to do this. Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.

I wish you all a prosperous and happy year ahead.

Merry Christmas!

Annie Terracciano
General Manager