Manager’s Message – April 2022

2021 Financial Audit & Lineworker Appreciation

Annie Terracciano headshotAt the March board of directors meeting, the 2021 audit report was presented by Moss Adams LLP. I am pleased to announce we received a perfectly clean audit with no adjustments.

This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees to achieve this high level of financial performance, record keeping, and work with our auditors to meet our obligations, standards, and rules.

We have established a culture of fiscal accountability and responsibility. This audit lets us know we have successfully met the standards we have worked diligently to implement. Thank you, Northern Lights, Inc. (NLI) employees!

Lineworker Appreciation Day

I also would like to recognize our remarkable lineworkers. April 18 marks Lineworker Appreciation Day across the U.S. It is our honor to celebrate the hard work, innovation, and dedication of electrical lineworkers.

Please take a moment to appreciate our local lineworkers, who go above and beyond, no matter the weather, to keep our lights on.

We often take power—and the people who provide it—for granted. Lineworkers work safely, smartly and efficiently, all while 40 feet in the air. They put their lives on the line, 365 days a year, under dangerous conditions to build, maintain and repair electric infrastructure.

NLI’s lineworkers maintain more than 2,800 miles of power lines serving more than 22,000 accounts in Northern Idaho, Western Montana and a small piece of Eastern Washington. Although beautiful, this terrain is rugged and remote.

Our crews are standing by to serve NLI’s members around the clock to keep your power on and restore it as soon as possible if there is an outage.

Lineworkers have always taken pride in their work and strive to be first-rate in their trade. They remain heroes to the community in times of outages and repairs. They are dedicated to maintaining the legacy of the pioneering lineworkers before them.

Thank a lineworker today for keeping the lights on!


Annie Terracciano
General Manager