Keep Signs Off Utility Poles

Hanging signs and objects on utility poles is against the law.

By Elissa Glassman

Cartoon illustration of a lineworker climbing a pole covered in posters, a basketball hoop, a birdhouse, and moreNow that summer is here, many like to post signs on utility poles to advertise for holiday bazaars, community craft shows, and other business services.

Do not hang signs or nail objects to utility poles—the nails or staples can also cause a line worker to slip when they climb the pole.

Do not hang birdhouses, basketball goals or antenna on electrical poles. Line crews will have great difficulty climbing around them, creating a hazard for a line worker, who may slip or fall.

Do not attach fences to the pole, or take dirt from around the pole.

It is not only imperative to ensure the safety of our line workers, but it is an Idaho statute that states this is against the law.

According to Idaho statute 18-7029, placing posters or promotional material on public or private property without permission is unlawful. Any violation of the statute is considered a misdemeanor.

Please use common sense around utility poles and show your appreciation for those who work hard to make sure you have reliable electric service all year.