It’s Board Election Time at NLI

Districts 2 and 4 to hold elections this year

Are you interested in becoming a candidate to be on NLI’s Board of Directors?

NLI holds elections every year rotating the terms for the seven districts, creating a three-year term for each director. This year directors will be elected for Districts 2 and 4. Members residing in these districts will vote either by mail-in ballots or at the Annual Meeting held Saturday, May 12, at Sandpoint Business and Events Center, 102 S. Euclid, Sandpoint, ID.

If you reside in District 2 or 4 and wish to be nominated for the NLI Board, you must submit a Declaration of Candidacy and a petition form requiring a minimum of 25 individual signatures of verified NLI members that reside in your district. These forms are available by calling (208) 255-7197, stopping by NLI’s Sagle Headquarters, or on NLI’s website: The deadline for these forms to be received by Northern Lights Inc. is April 2, by 5 p.m. PDT.

A Board Candidate Orientation will be offered at the Board meeting scheduled for Monday, February 26 at 11:30 a.m. PDT in the boardroom of the NLI Cooperative office, 421 Chevy Street, Sagle, Idaho. All interested members are encouraged to attend. If you plan to attend the Board Candidate Orientation, please call (208) 255-7197 to confirm your attendance.

To help you understand qualifications of an NLI Director, here is a summary of pertinent information.

Refer to the bylaws and NLI’s website for more specific details.


All NLI members in good standing and residing within that district may become a director, except for employees of the Cooperative, a competing enterprise, or a business that supplies NLI with goods or services. (Refer to Article IV Sec. 4.02 of the NLI Articles & Bylaws for detailed qualifications).

Directors’ Jobs:

The directors establish policies and direction for the Cooperative. The NLI Board meets once a month, but the directors at times are asked to represent the Cooperative at additional meeting. Directors are expected to travel and attend educational seminars to be certified.

Directors’ Pay:

Directors are not paid a salary. They receive per diem for attendance at the monthly board meetings, mileage and expenses for cooperative-related travel, and coverage under the cooperative’s group insurance plan.

Annual Meeting:

The election results are tallied and announced at the Annual Meeting. This year’s Annual Meeting is Saturday, May 12, 2018 at the Sandpoint Business and Events Center, 102 S. Euclid, Sandpoint, ID.

Mail-in Ballots:

Mail-in ballots are sent to NLI members prior to the Annual Meeting. n If you are interested or have any questions please call NLI at (208) 255-7197 or (800) 326-9594, ext. 130.