Ensure a Safe Climb for Your Linemen

Lineman climbing a pole, black outlines with a blue sky background

By Elissa Glassman

Spring is here, and it’s time to start advertising garage and yard sales. Here are a few steps NLI members can take to help ensure the safety of our line crews on the job.

NLI line crews climb poles on a consistent basis. When people hang signs on the poles with tacks or nails, or use poles for other purposes, it can be dangerous for the line crews.

Even though a sign may have been torn down from a pole, the nails can remain and tear or crack a lineworker’s glove, causing exposure to electric current. If the lineworker should slip, serious lacerations and injury can occur.

According to Idaho Statute 18-7029, placing posters or promotional material on public or private property without permission is unlawful. Any violation of this statute is considered a misdemeanor.

Please remember:

  • Do not hang signs or nail objects to the pole. The nails or staples could cause a
    lineman to slip when he climbs.
  • Do not hang birdhouses, basketball goals or antenna on electrical poles. Line crews will have great difficulty climbing around them, creating a hazard for a lineworker who may slip or fall.
  • Do not attach fences to the pole or remove dirt from around the pole.
  • Use common sense around utility poles. Show your appreciation for those who work hard to make sure you have reliable electric service.