Brighten Up Your World by Joining NLI Community Solar

Photo of solar panel installation in forested area

By Elissa Glassman

Last July, Northern Lights launched the first community solar project in Idaho. It was conceived by NLI’s board of directors and given the go-ahead based on many co-op members’ level of interest and desire to support solar.

NLI’s power comes from the Bonneville Power Administration and Lake Creek dam, which is owned by NLI. The com- munity solar project is a step in examining additional renewable energy sources.

As an NLI member, you can be a part of the community solar project. Eighty of the original 386 units are available for purchase. Members receive energy credits based on the project’s production. The subscription cost is $300 per unit, with a maximum of five units per member. Members can finance the cost over 12 months on their electric bill.

For questions about the community solar project, call NLI at (208) 255-7180.