Area Students Earn College Scholarships

NLI awards students $1,500 in educational scholarships

NLI congratulates the eight recipients of this year’s $1,500 educational/ vocational scholarships. Award certificates were presented at NLI’s 84th Annual Membership meeting May 11 at the Panida Theater in Sandpoint.

Grace Shelton

Grace Shelton is a graduate of Clark Fork High School and plans to attend Carroll College in Helena, Montana, in the fall. “

I am considering a career in therapy,” Grace says. “I am eager to explore the possibility of physical, occupational, massage and/or equine therapy. I am very interested in the connections between people and animals in therapy and healing situations. Wherever my road leads me, I am confident I will make a difference.”

Kristian Jensen

Kristian Jensen plans to attend the University of Idaho in the fall.

“I want to earn a degree in biochemistry and possibly go beyond a bachelor’s degree in order to go into a career in health care,” Kristian says. “I have an interest in the development and research of new medicines for everything from
cancer to Alzheimer’s disease. My passion is studying how diet, environmental factors, and the introduction of how other chemicals interact and change with our bodies.”

Hunter Hubbard

Hunter Hubbard is attending the University of Idaho in Moscow this fall.

“I plan to study civil engineering and look forward to joining the engineering team at the University of Idaho,” Hunter says. “I am excited to be a part of the problem-solving and engineering collaboration on local projects related to my field of study. After earning my degree in civil engineering, I hope to
create new ways the infrastructure functions to better society.”

Molly Flower

Molly Flower is a graduate of Bonners Ferry High School and will attend Starmark Academy in Hutto, Texas.

Starmark Academy in Hutto, Texas. “My future plans are to become a professional dog trainer and join the military with the skills I’ll learn from the school I will be attending,” Molly says. “When I am there, I will learn how to train any dog to do several things, including search and rescue, drug
sniffing, bomb sniffing and protection, as well as fun things such as dock diving, agility and obedience training.”

Jayden Winslow

Jayden Winslow is a graduate of Libby High School and is planning to attend the University of Montana Western in the fall.

“I want to earn a bachelor’s degree in biology and then attend graduate school to earn a doctoral degree in pharmacy,” Jayden says. “I am interested in becoming a pharmacist, and have always wanted to be part of the medical field because I enjoy helping people live the highest quality of life they can. Being a pharmacist will allow me to do that”

Robert Anselmo

Robert Anselmo graduated from Priest River Lamanna High School and plans to attend Lewis-Clark State College in the fall.

“I always have the goal of working my hardest and never having to look back and have regrets,” Robert says. “I want to live this way and with not only the activities that I am involved in, but in school, my relationships and my future career. My goals are to continue working hard, earn my degree and have a very bright future.”

Jessica Klein

Jessica Klein is attending her second year at the University of Idaho.

“I am currently working on earning a bachelor’s degree in architecture with a minor in history,” Jessica says. “In the future, I hope to earn a master’s degree in architecture and eventually open my own architectural firm specializing in unique design, historical preservation and advanced design principles utilizing methods of green building materials in sustainable architecture.”

Victor Zhong

Victor Zhong is a graduate of Sandpoint High School and will attend the University of Idaho in the fall.

“I decided that my college major would be bioengineering,” Victor says. “After I’ve completed my bioengineering degree, I plan to give back to my community by donating to our local nonprofit hospital and bring more advanced medical technology to our community. I would like to open my own pharmaceutical company with the goal of lowering costs of prescription drugs across America.”