Aiming High for the Future

Northern Lights, Inc. (NLI) awards educational and lineworker scholarships

By Elissa Glassman

NLI congratulates the following students as this year’s recipients of eight $1,500 scholarships and one $3,000 lineworker scholarship. These scholarship winners all plan to attend college in the fall.

NLI wishes the best to this year’s scholarship winners, and much success in their future endeavors.

Anna Auld

Anna Auld headshotAnna Auld is a graduate of Sandpoint High School and is attending the University of the Pacific in the fall. Anna plans to major in biomedical engineering and minor in electrical engineering.

“I discovered this pairing when I was speaking with a current college student about what combination of engineering majors would work for me,” says Anna. “Not only am I interested in both these majors, but they will work extremely well together towards my goal of interfacing technology with the human body.”

Shane Griffin

Shane Griffin headshotShane Griffin is a graduate of Sandpoint High School and is attending Boise State University in the fall. Shane is aiming to be an environmental lawyer.

“I see myself working as an environmental lawyer in order to protect our environment from harmful practices of big corporations,” says Shane. “My current plan is to attend Boise State University for my first four years and earn my undergraduate degree in environmental studies. Once I have graduated from Boise State University, I will attend law school to become an environmental lawyer.”

Kianna Higgins

Kianna Higgins headshotKianna Higgins attends the University of Idaho and is working toward her Bachelor of Science in elementary education.

“Through working as a preschool teacher at multiple children’s centers during high school, I knew I had to follow my dreams of continuing to teach young minds,” says Kianna. “I am beyond excited to become a professional educator and to continue building my knowledge through my student teaching internship in the fall. I cannot wait to become a professional educator and create a positive, engaging and safe learning environment of my students.”

Caiya Yanik

Caiya Yanik headshotCaiya Yanik is a graduate of Clark Fork Jr./Sr. High School and is attending Boise State University this fall.

“Over the years of growing and learning on my own has made me into a very independent person who is ready to see the world. A higher education with the goal of attaining a business degree and starting my own business is where I am ready to start,” says Caiya. “I can’t wait to start on my own and see what the future has to offer me.”

Noah Walker

Noah Walker headshotNoah Walker graduated from Bonners Ferry High School with dual enrollment in North Idaho College and plans to attend Liberty University.

“In the fall, I will be attending Liberty University to work towards graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences,” says Noah. “It is then my plan to attend medical school to receive my Doctorate of Medicine.”

It is Noah’s goal to focus on a medical internship and residency in ophthalmology.

Cade Van Vleet

Cade Van Vleet headshotCade VanVleet is a graduate of Noxon High School and is attending Montana Technology University this fall to pursue an engineering degree.

“I intend to earn a bachelor’s degree in 4 years,” says Cade. “After I earn my bachelor’s degree, I will apply to various firms and stay close to home for a while. I intend to eventually become president of an engineering firm to oversee any projects and contracts that would be taken up by my firm. I am excited for my future endeavors.”

Jordan Cassidy

Jordan Cassidy headshotJordan Cassidy attends the University of Idaho.

“My goal is to get my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and return to Sandpoint and work as a veterinarian,” says Jordan. “I would like to eventually specialize in reptiles, companion animals, and farm animals, since I see a need for that in the Sandpoint area.”

Vanessa Horner

Vanessa Horner headshotVanessa Horner graduated from Noxon High School and plans to attend Montana State University in the fall to major in architecture.

“I’m proud that I have found what I want to do with my life and what I want to do for a career. This is just the beginning for me, as I am ambitious and have plans to go even further. I even plan to later get my master’s degree and potentially own my own an architecture firm,” states Vanessa.

Ryan Robinson

Ryan Robinson headshotRyan Robinson is a Sandpoint High School graduate and was awarded the lineworker college scholarship.

“My goal is to become a full-time electrical lineman and enjoy a long, safe career helping community members have reliable electricity,” says Ryan.

He is attending VOLTA Line School this summer.