2019 NLI Bylaw Vote

Your NLI Board of Directors has worked diligently to modernize and update our Bylaws to ensure NLI follows current laws, meets the needs of our members, and continues to run a financially sound electric cooperative. The Board initiated this project because 90% of the 1,000+ members responding to the recent survey stated they wanted updated Bylaws. You, as a member, now have the opportunity to review these proposed Bylaw revisions and vote to approve them or not.

Updated Copy of the Bylaws
This version includes all of the proposed improvements.  This is exactly what the Bylaws will look like if the membership votes FOR the proposed revisions.

Redlined Copy of the Bylaws
This version is a copy of our current Bylaws with the proposed revisions marked in red so you can see the changes.  Anything that is red and underlined is new text that has been added.  Anything that is red and crossed out is text that has been removed.  Some crossed out items (deleted text) may have been moved to a different, more relevant location.

If you have questions regarding the proposed revisions, please contact your District Director:

District 1: Mike Dolan, 208-610-3853 or dolanconstruction3@gmail.com
District 2: Judith Simonson, Secretary-Treasurer, 406-847-2643
District 3: Steve Elgar, President, 208-610-2999 or selgar@mac.com
District 4: David Pemberton, 208-661-5911 or dpembertonNLI@hotmail.com
District 5: Kennon McClintock, Vice President, 208-267-7064 or kmmclintock@tnc.org
District 6: Dave Anderson, 208-610-8021 or daveka1@frontier.com
District 7: Jim Woodward, 208-946-7963 or jimwoodward71@msn.com

All NLI members will be mailed an official ballot to their address of record on January 16, 2019.  All completed ballots must be received at the NLI Headquarters at 421 Chevy Street, Sagle, Idaho by 5:00 PM PST, January 31, 2019.

Thank you for taking the time to review and vote on Northern Light, Inc.’s Bylaws.