Call Before You Dig

Call Before You Dig is a free service that goes up to Northern Light’s meter andlocates underground wires and lines. Call the 811 toll free number at least 2 full business days before digging or excavating, and have the following information ready:

  • Property owner’s name
  • Street address
  • Nearest intersection and distance from intersection
  • Phone number
  • Type of work
  • Job location
  • Any special instructions

At the excavation site:

  • Clearly mark the site to be excavated with white paint or white ribbons
  • Privately owned lines won’t be marked
  • Make sure the property address is visible for crew to locate the excavation site


  • All digging within the first 24 inches from the marked line must be done by hand
  • Any contact with an electric line can cause serious injury or death
  • Damages to electric lines can disrupt service to an entire area and can result in fines and repair costs
  • If the excavation contacts the electric line, stay clear and call the following numbers immediately:

Monday-Friday 8 to 5 208-255-5399 or Evenings, weekends, and holidays at 866-665-4837
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Call 811, Know What's Below.  Call Before You Dig.