NLI Board Member Election Materials

The Basics

At the 2017 annual meeting NLI members will elect Board members for Districts 3 and 6. The information below is designed to assist potential board members in qualifying to run for an NLI Board position.

What’s Next

In order to qualify to be on the ballot for 2017 the following must be completed and returned to the NLI office by March 27, 2017.

  • A potential director needs to complete a Declaration of Candidacy. Click here for a copy of the declaration.
  • A petition signed by at least 25 members in the district. Keep in mind a husband and wife will only count as one member. It is always a good idea to get extra signatures in case some are invalidated. Click here for a copy of the petition.
  • Short biography (150 words or less) and a current photo. This information will be provided to members on the mail in ballot sent to members in each district.

Who Do I Contact if I have Questions?

  • Claire Zaugra 208-255-7197 or 800-326-9594 ext 130 or email