How to Become a Northern Lights Director

What is a Director?

A director is a member whose primary residence is in the district he or she represents. A director should be interested in the NLI Cooperative, the utility industry, and his or her community, capable of independent thought, analysis, and decision making in a group environment. Openness to change is an attribute of an ideal director.

What does a Director do?

Directors of NLI have many of the same duties and responsibilities as officers of any corporation. Their primary duties are setting policies and rates, contractual considerations, and strategic planning. Directors also represent the Cooperative at associated groups and organizations, and may be asked to serve on related committees. Directors may be asked to speak to various groups and organizations.

Do Directors Travel?

In addition to regular monthly board meetings, directors may be required to attend special board meetings as well as state, regional, and national meetings concerning the electric utility industry. There are meetings to keep the directors abreast of the happenings within the state, region, and nation concerning electric utilities. Travel may also occur for continuing education classes.

Are Directors Paid?

The directors are not paid a salary. However, directors are reimbursed for any travel expense and time they spend on cooperative business.

How much time is required of a Director?

Regular and special board meetings each require approximately five to eight hours. Educational, national and regional meetings vary in length from one to five days. Directors are expected to spend time reading publications that they receive.  Directors make decisions that directly affect members of the cooperative.  It is extremely important that they make decisions with the best information and knowledge possible.

There are seven directors and geographical districts within the Cooperative’s service boundaries.  Directors represent all members of the cooperative though they are chosen from a specific district.  Directors are elected for three-year terms, rotating the terms for the seven districts.  Elections are held at NLI’s Annual Meeting.

Who is eligible to become a Director?

To qualify you must: (Refer to Article IV Sec 4.02 of the NLI Articles and Bylaws for specific details)

  • Reside within the geographical district-primary residence
  • Not be employed by or financially interested in a competing enterprise or business selling electricity or supplies to the cooperative
  • Be willing to spend time and effort on behalf of your Cooperative

If you have other questions about which district you are in, how the election process works, or if you are interested in attending our monthly board meeting, please call or email Claire Zaugra at 208-255-7197.