Northern Lights Outage Reporting System


Northern Lights (NLI) has implemented an outage reporting system that will make responding to your phone calls during power outages more efficient than ever before. If you experience a power outage, you will now be directed to call a new toll-free outage reporting number (1-866-665-4837 or 1-866 NOLITES). When you call the system it attempts to recognize your telephone number that you have supplied NLI, or alternatively gives you the option to enter or speak your home phone number. If the system does not recognize the member they are given an option to record a message such as, “My power is out.” When recording a message please provide as much information as possible including the name of the member receiving the monthly electric bill and the service address of the property experiencing the outage.

This system allows large volumes of calls to be processed quickly and immediately, then notifies our dispatchers of your location during widespread outages. By members’ reporting directly into the automated system, it gives the on-duty personnel the ability to concentrate on dispatching line crews and restoring service more quickly.

This new automated system allows many more calls to be received simultaneously. When you call in to the new system you can be assured that NLI is aware of the location of your outage and that crews will be dispatched to the outage as soon as possible.

Once the system identifies your phone number that matches your outage location, it accesses NLI’s customer database and cross references the phone number to your service address. The outage location is then transferred to an outage management system that graphically shows the outage on a computerized map of NLI’s system. The outage management system then analyzes the outages that have been reported and identifies possible sources of the outage. This system will help locate the source of outages more rapidly and improve restoration time.

The system has the capability of calling members when outages have been restored. Any information regarding reported outages will be recorded in the system so that when you call, you can get updated information on the outage. We believe that this system will be a significant improvement in the way outages are reported and restored. There will undoubtedly be glitches that need to be worked out as we implement this system. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we get the system up and running.

Remember—your phone number is our connection to you—

To make sure that we have an up-to-date phone number for your account, please call 208-263-5141 or 1-800-326-9594 and be sure to have your NLI account number handy. Follow the voice prompts to update your phone number.  For tips on what to do during an outage click here.