High Bill Analysis

Electric bills can jump significantly without warning when an unforeseen problem or event happens. The following list describes some of the reasons that members have had higher than normal bills:

  • Christmas Lights
  • Stock tank or engine block heaters can use more than $1.00 of energy per day
  • Pump house heater left on in summer
  • Heated driveway left on in warm weather
  • Hot water heater element burned
  • Bad pressure tank in well house
  • Broken hot water pipe under house
  • Space heater or baseboard left on at summer cabin
  • Forced air furnace duct work disconnected under house
  • Toilet plumbed with hot water rather than cold
  • Contractors using large space heaters during construction or remodeling
  • Heat tape left plugged in after winter
  • Winterize home and not shut off main breaker
  • Extremely cold weather with thermostats set at lowest level